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A comparison of experts from the global dining out market, consumer dynamics and brands to understand the challenges of sweet foodservice and identify future opportunities for growth and development. Experts will discuss the "values" of the dining out consumer such as experience, food quality, premises and sustainability. The increasingly eco-friendly choices of consumers will dictate the agenda of strategic decisions of companies operating in this sector in order to meet the needs of tomorrow's consumers. Experts will bring data and testimonials on emerging trends.

Caterina Schiavon - Social semiologist partner, Kkienn Turin
Paper focus: “Emerging and future trends of the dining-out market”. Abstract: The aim of the paper is to provide an overview of major global food trends and consumer behaviour on the dining-out market with focus on the major cross trends in the different countries and which have special impact on sweet foodservice.

Bob O’Brien - Global Senior Vice President - The NPD Group
Paper title: “Global performance of the dining-out and sweet foodservice market”. Abstract: The NPD expert will present the latest data on the global trend of the dining-out market and SIGEP product categories. He will show the figures relating to the latest trends and will provide development prospects based on expected consumer dynamics.

Francesco Buschi - Strategy director FutureBrand Milan
Paper title: “The brand as experience in a journey from taste to mind, passing through the heart”.

Save the date: Saturday 18th January 2020, in South Hall of the expo centre, inside the new hub dedicated to the future of the pastry foodservice sector, you'll find VISION PLAZA.

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